The Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is a great way to clear your mind of clutter and de-stress. Writing down your inner thoughts and emotions can be extremely therapeutic. It can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and others. These are just a few of the many benefits I’ve received from journaling.

Emptying your mind clears your thoughts

There is no greater relief than dumping all your thoughts/worries/feelings from the day onto paper. If you’re having an overwhelming day, try journaling to relieve the clutter. I would compare this to the feeling I get after meditation– light with a clear mind.

It helps put things into perspective

There are plenty of times in our lives we see with just one perspective– this can be limiting. Taking time to reflect on the situation can help you gain a better understanding. This is especially beneficial when the situation involves another person, sometimes you just need to better see where they’re coming from.

You gain a better understanding of yourself and your dreams

We go through life changing and evolving into the person we’d one day like to be. Following our dreams and figuring out what makes us happy is important for this, and journaling can help set straight the path you should take. Even our actual dreams are vital to better understanding our inner psyche. That’s why I try my best to jot them down in the morning to reflect on later.

Setting goals and making decisions becomes easier

One of my favorite things to do in my journal is list out my goals, big or small, to plan out what I could be doing to reach them. I like to believe we have a great deal of control in achieving our dreams one way or another. Writing can give you a better perspective on how to achieve your goals.

You learn to better express yourself and empathize with others

As a kid I sometimes had trouble expressing my emotions, so instead I would write them down. After better understanding how I felt, it was much easier explaining it to others. Not everyone says exactly what they mean, and that’s where empathy becomes important. People are responsible for their words and actions, but it’s good to keep in mind that sometimes there is more to a person than they’re able to show.

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