6 Matte Lipsticks That Stay All Day

If you love NYX as much as I do, I’m sure these new matte lipstick lines have been a blessing to you as well. Liquid Suede, Full Throttle Lipstick, and the new Ombre Lip Duo are by far the best matte lipsticks of any brand I’ve tried. They really do stay, even through an entire 8 hour day as a hair dresser (trust me, that’s saying something).

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Not only is this lip duo two amazing shades in one, the tip is fine enough to act as a lip liner as well as a lipstick. It makes creating an ombre lip so much easier with a small tip, colors that were made for each other and a beautiful matte finish. There were plenty of great color combinations to choose from, but these mauve/blush colors are really my go-to and they did not disappoint.


This past year or so I found myself stepping away from traditional lipsticks with all the amazing liquid lipsticks coming out. But, when I tried this new Full Throttle (waterproof) lipstick I knew I had to buy two in my favorite shades, the first being a deep blush tone. It’s the perfect neutral color and so pigmented, I find myself wearing just about every day. Con Artist is a deep mauve-berry, but I find it to be in between a warm and cool tone. It isn’t too deep either, which is great if you like a darker lipstick that makes a statement but isn’t too overpowering. The tip of these lipsticks are actually small and sort of square, which surprisingly makes application much easier, especially in the corners.


These babies have been around a little longer than their counterparts, and I’m still not over them. I even find myself putting these over my other lipsticks sometimes just to enhance the hue a bit. They have a doe-tipped applicator brush which makes it a lot easier to apply along the edges, I find I don’t even need a lipliner when using them. Sandstorm is the perfect nude color, I’ve never been into brown shades much but this guy changed my mind for sure. Kitten heels is definitely my make-a-statement lipstick, bright red usually doesn’t compliment my undertone but this one is surprisingly flattering. As you can tell by the name it is the perfect pin-up shade, even with no other makeup on it’s enough to make anyone feel their sexiest. Soft-spoken is just that, subtle and neutral, it pulls just about any makeup look together. This one might be my favorite out of all them, it goes with anything and everything, day or night.

If you love these lipsticks, or have some others to recommend, let us know!


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