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  • Wellness

    8 Ways to Ease Stress

    With winter here it’s common to feel a bit depleted of energy, therefore it can be beneficial to spend extra time caring for yourself and relieving stress. After a long work day or whenever you have…

  • Wellness

    5 Ways Yoga and Meditation Can Help You

    Yoga and meditation have many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. It can help you grow as a person, relieve anxiety and depression and give you inner confidence. It can lead you to…

  • Health

    My Favorite Fitness Apps

    For working out at home and staying in shape I use a few different apps to help keep me on track. Whether it’s yoga, body-weight workouts, counting steps or monitoring daily nutrition, there…

  • Health

    How to Stick to a Workout Regimen

    For anyone trying to get into the swing of working out, your main goal should be to become a habitual exerciser. You can start as small or as big as you’d…