Snowy Day at Caumsett Park

These last few weeks Nick and I haven’t been outside as much as we’d like due to the cold weather– we were desperate for some fresh air! Fortunately it was above freezing on our day off so we went for a hike around Caumsett Park just north of Huntington. It’s a huge park on its own little peninsula extending out from the Long Island Sound. We found some baby pinecones, saw the cutest white-tailed deer and even got to walk along the beach! It was a beautiful day off together.

Caumsett-park1 Caumsett-park3 Caumsett-park4 Caumsett-park6 Caumsett-park7 Caumsett-park8Caumsett-park12 Caumsett-park15 Caumsett-park18 Caumsett-park20 Caumsett-park23



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