My Favorite Fitness Apps

For working out at home and staying in shape I use a few different apps to help keep me on track. Whether it’s yoga, body-weight workouts, counting steps or monitoring daily nutrition, there is an app for it.

All-in Yoga | $3.99 | 

I’m usually not one to spend more than a dollar on an app (if that), but I was desperate for a good yoga app and this one was definitely worth the money. It comes with 45 yoga programs that are organized by level, goal and duration or you can create your own program with their extensive database of poses. Each pose is demonstrated and explained in depth and even includes the respective breathing techniques.

Argus | Free |

This app tracks my daily steps and calories by adding my basal metabolic rate with any extra calories burned through walking and other exercises they have listed such as yoga and pilates. You can create goals for yourself, track your water intake, and even take pictures of what you’ve eaten throughout the day. This is the next best choice compared to a device such as Fitbit.

My Fitness Pal | Free | 

Counting calories can be a bit daunting and not always accurate, but if you’re curious to see the nutritional value of your meals, this app does a great job of summing it up. It not only tells you the calories, it also gives the percentage of fat, carbs, protein and vitamins you’ve had for the day. I don’t use this app daily, but whenever I feel like I’ve fallen off the wagon of eating well, I use it to put my diet into perspective and get back on track. If you’re looking for something simpler without counting calories, try keeping a food journal.

Nike Training Club | Free | 

This is my favorite app for body-weight workouts. They classify each workout program by getting lean, getting toned, getting strong or getting focused with each group having the option of beginner, intermediate or advanced. They have a huge selection of workouts focusing on different areas of the body and while some of them require no equipment, others have the option of using dumbbells, medicine balls and kettlebells.

There are countless fitness apps you can find online and these just so happen to be the ones that work for me. Let me know what you think of them or if you have your own favorite apps!

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