How to Stick to a Workout Regimen

For anyone trying to get into the swing of working out, your main goal should be to become a habitual exerciser. You can start as small or as big as you’d like, but creating somewhat of a routine and sticking to it will determine how long you keep at it. This doesn’t have to be daily, but having an idea of where you’ll workout, how often and which kind of exercises you’d like to perform throughout the week is an important first step.

Get to know what exercises you like best 

There are countless options for the type of workouts you can do and it’s a good idea to experiment until you find the ones you really enjoy. I do various exercises throughout the week so I don’t get bored with any one in particular. Try branching out from exercises you’ve already done by taking a class or watching some new and interesting workout videos. Be sure to take into consideration the amount of time you’d like to spend working out so you can decide which exercises are most fitting for your lifestyle.

Figure out where you prefer to workout 

Everyone’s motivated by different surroundings when they workout– some people like the comfort of their own homes while others enjoy the company of the gym or a class, some even like a mix of both. Don’t sign up to the gym right away if you aren’t sure how you’d like it, see which gyms offer a trial and test the waters first. If you don’t feel at ease see how you like doing it at home or outside. There are plenty of online videosworkout plans and apps to help you workout without any fancy equipment.

Have an idea of which days of the week you’re most likely to workout

You don’t necessarily have to plan each day, but having an idea of when you’ll have the time to workout will keep you on track. An example of this would be to intend on working out for 15 minutes before every shower, or only on your days off from work for 45 minutes each day. Whatever is the most convenient for you, make a conscious effort to set aside time for your days to workout and eventually it’ll become second nature.

Set rewards not according to the inches you lose, but by the consistency of your workout

Personally, the most important point of exercising for me is to be healthy– anything else is a bonus. I’ve had the mindset in the past where the only reason I wanted to workout was to “look good,” but by the time I reached my desired weight I would forget about my workouts and gradually fall back out of the habit. Once I started exercising to feel good it completely changed how I thought about working out– I was doing it because I wanted to and it felt good to do.

My Workout Regimen
+ 15-3o minutes of yoga in the morning or at night.
+ Before I shower I do some free weight and body weight exercises I’ve learned from my favorite exercise app Nike Training Club and my Pinterest fitness board.
+ I’ll go for a hike or walk/jog around my block a few times a week.

I’m able to stick to this routine because it fits my lifestyle and so it’s become habit for me. The most important part is figuring out what works best for you and taking it from there. Start off slow and you can gradually increase the amount of time you spend working out when you’re ready.

Exercise shouldn’t be torture– there will always be days you don’t feel like going to the gym or pulling out your mat, but remember anything is better than nothing. Even if you planned a long, intensive exercise and only managed to do something light and quick, at least you did something. If you skip some occasionally don’t beat yourself up, just jump back into it the next day. Be conscious in your workouts and try to enjoy the ability of the human body for what it’s worth.

Let me know if this post motivated you, or if you have any tips to share about sticking to a workout.

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