How I Keep My Workspace Organized

I recently got a new white desk from Ikea while they were having a sale and I have been loving it! I originally had a small, black corner desk that didn’t have much surface space and being that I love to sew, make jewelry and work on my blog I needed way more room. This new desk gave me a lot of motivation to sort through my clutter and finally set up a clean workspace. Decorating a whole new space can be a bit intimidating so listed are a few key points I used while remodeling to keep myself on track.

Start with a clean slate. This goes for any organizing project– starting fresh is an excellent way to declutter. I removed everything from my old desk and put it into piles to either keep, throw away or donate. Seeing a bare desk made me feel like my options were unlimited.

Have a place for everything. Once you finish deciding what to keep, go through that pile and organize it into sections by what you’ll be using it for. For example, I keep all my jewelry tools in the teal vase so it’s easily accessible and tidy. You want to know where everything is so be sure to have somewhat of a theme for each drawer and bin so you’re not just storing stuff aimlessly.

Choose one inspiration piece. Whether you’re shopping for new desk adornments or using the ones you already own, have one piece in mind while picking out the others. You want to draw inspiration from one item’s colors and style in order to keep a similar look all around.

Less is more. If there’s one thing I’ve struggled with over the years it’s this very important statement. I made sure with this new desk I didn’t over-clutter any part of it and kept decorations to an absolute minimum. When you have so much crap on your desk it can feel overwhelming to work at, always having to move stuff out of your way as well as being too busy for the eye. I prefer a fresher space with more openness and less stuff.

How do you go about organizing your workspace? Let me know!

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