How Crystals Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Life

I first discovered my interest in crystals when I was fifteen years old and started taking trips to a local metaphysical shop. One of the workers gave me a free reading and told me that I needed to be protected because of my tendency to give too much of myself to others. He gave me a free crystal, my very first, tourmilated quartz. It turns out this crystal is quartz with pieces of black tourmaline within– the perfect stone for protecting one’s auric field from negativity.

I didn’t always feel so strongly about crystals, initially I just thought they were beautiful to look at. But the more I read about them and worked with them during meditation, the more I realized they were important to me. They lead me to reflect, overcome internal dilemmas and deal with external issues. I found that the colors, shapes, textures and other qualities of crystals were having a steady effect on my behavior– recognizing and appreciating these properties helped me to overcome my fears, let go of inner turmoil, better understand my passions and stay present.

I understand that many people are wary of the claims others make about using crystals for self-healing, but when you think of it logically they are just another tool, comparable to religion even. I believe that having faith in something positive can make the mind and body stronger, and that life becomes much less of a burden when we have a tool to help us through the tough times. I don’t think miracles are necessarily an external force, but rather an internal one we create through having faith in something bigger than ourselves. If you wholeheartedly believe crystals will influence your habits and behavior, so they will. It’s within the power of hope that we find strength.

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