Hampton’s Brine and the Digestive Benefits of Kraut

Hamptons Brine is a Long Island based artisanal sauerkraut and kvass maker. Using the age old method of lacto fermentation, no heat is involved with making their sauerkraut or kvass, leading to an extremely high probiotic count. If you’re not familiar with probiotics, it’s a type of bacteria that keeps your digestive system running smoothly; It’s found in yogurt and other type of “live” foods. Because it’s packed with natural sugars, the probiotic count doesn’t change during storage unlike probiotic supplements.

Because they’re interested in keeping their operation personal (hand cutting, hand packing and even hand labeling) Hamptons Brine is currently running their own KickStarter campaign to fund a new transit van and to get their official organic certification. Be sure to check out their website at to get more information on their company and products, to place an order, or even to get some recipes!

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