Flora Del Soul is a lifestyle blog and crystal jewelry boutique dedicated to promoting positivity, mindfulness, exploration and creativity. I provide DIY beauty-remedies, cruelty-free beauty products reviews, health advice, wellness articles, fashion inspiration and photos taken during my travels. Flora Del Soul is a place you can find ways to be kinder to yourself, your environment and all who inhabit it while still living a life filled with beauty + aesthetic. It is my goal to inspire inner-peace, self-love and mindfulness.

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22 year old Long Island native living in San Diego.

I’m a licensed cosmetologist, jewelry designer, knitter and lover of nature. My hobbies include yoga, hiking, writing, playing guitar, and x-file marathons. I originally started Flora Del Soul as a way to share my crystal jewelry, but the blog turned into something more purposeful.

From a young age my biggest desire in life was to help people feel inspired and it is through this blog I am able to write wellness articles that promote self-love and positivity. Flora Del Soul gives me a space to share my photography, thoughts, passions and creations with the world, thank you for being a part of that.



If you’re interested in working with me, have questions about custom jewelry orders, or want to know more about my blog, let me know!

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