8 Productivity Apps For The Severely Scatterbrained

I might be the queen of scatterbrain, but these apps do a solid job at keeping me in line. Without them I would have a million thoughts written on numerous pieces of paper scattered all over my desk. I do enjoy writing things down in traditional planners as well, but I find these apps keep things tidier and better organized leaving my productivity at an all time high. If you’re looking to tame the chaos that is your to-do list, schedule, inbox, etc.– check out these lifesaving apps.



Ah, Evernote– the holy grail of note apps. When I first heard about Evernote I couldn’t understand what the hype was all about. It seemed I was missing some huge secret, as if this app rewards its users with the productivity of the gods. I wasn’t convinced. It wasn’t until I started using it for my writing, a log for my knitting patterns, a place to keep my food journal, and a million other things, that I realized how simple and organized this app really is. They have a beautiful system of notes, notebooks and notebook stacks that keep things coherent, and tags so you can quickly search up specific types of notes. It is now my go-to app for every thing that needs to be written down.


Using a calendar on my phone never seemed necessary until I acquired a crap ton of bills and had to start making my own doctors appointments (gag). As I got older and student loans and car payments became a thing, I needed a way to pay bills on time and a reminder to show up to those lousy appointments. Sunrise has given me all of this and more. It has this cute way of putting an icon that pertains to your task on the calendar. Doctors appointments, a cute little medical bag. Bills, a cute little credit card. It makes tasks you’re dreading seem just adorable. I can honestly say it’s the prettiest calendar app I’ve ever had. The best part is you can sync up with Google calendar, Iphone calendar, the phases of the moon, and even your SO’s calendar.


I just recently discovered Swipes from a post written by A Girl Obsessed and I’ve been loving it! Every morning I add a few to-dos for the day and simply swipe left to check off when they’re completed. Whatever doesn’t get done gets rolled over to the next day. The best part is it gives you the option to push back to-dos by a few hours, days, weeks or specific dates with a quick swipe right. It’s a clean and realistic to-do app that makes being a procrastinator just a little easier.

It took me years to finally clean out my inbox. I’m not even exaggerating here, I had thousands upon thousands of unread spam mail. It was a constant burden every time I went to check my emails and had to face just how out of hand I allowed it to get. Eventually I had enough, I spent an entire day sifting through my junk mail. It was grueling, but well worth it in the end. I knew I couldn’t let the inevitable pile up keep happening though, I was still getting over 30 pieces of spam every day. Luckily I found Unroll.Me and it saved my inbox and my sanity. Any time I received mail I was given the option to unsubscribe, keep or rollup (save the decision for later). I could even go back and edit my subscription through the app later if I wanted to with a simple click. The spam stopped coming for good and I no longer carry the burden of a cluttered inbox.


If you’re looking to develop daily, weekly or monthly habits for yourself, Balanced will keep you motivated. They have set goals to choose from such as reading, exercising, and being thankful. Or if you’d like to make your own you can choose from numerous icons and colors to represent your habits. How often you want to do these tasks is completely customizable. Be sure not to overwhelm yourself with a million things though or it can be discouraging. Try adding just 2-3 habits a month until they become routine.


IFTTT: If This Then That. This app makes connecting social networks and other apps super easy. You choose or create what they call recipes which in turn connect actions on your favorite apps– one action causes another. So whenever I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook, IFTTT automatically saves a copy to a designated photo album on my phone. Or when I post a picture to Instagram, it’s automatically pinned to a board on my Pinterest. This app is especially great if you run your own blog or business because it makes integrating social media posts a piece of cake.


This is yet another app I didn’t know I needed until I had it. There are many times I find an article and just don’t have time to read it, but I don’t feel like pinning it to a board. I could bookmark it, but my bookmarks are currently a mess of stuff from when I first had internet. With Pocket I can save any article at any point and it keeps it in an easy to read format across all devices. It’s also good for keeping articles you might want to reference back to, such as recipes or DIYs. Basically it’s your own private Pinterest with added simplicity.


I can honestly say if it wasn’t for this app I wouldn’t get shit done. I can be really bad at managing my time and prioritizing tasks (which explains why I need a million apps to keep me in line), but with this cool little timer I’m subconsciously forced into finishing that one thing before my butt leaves the seat. The pomodoro technique basically uses intervals of 25 minutes to work on a designated task, then you’re given a five minute break to step away from your work. You do this four times in a row and then you’re given a lengthy 15 minute break. You can change the times to more or less for each interval, but this is the recommended time frame for increased productivity. I love this app because it really pushes you to take an actual break rather than checking emails or anything else un-break-like. Because I’m sitting at a desk all day I like to take the shorter breaks to do a few yoga positions and unwind. For the longer break I’ll make myself some tea or a snack.

What’s a few of your favorite apps for productivity?

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