5 Ways Yoga and Meditation Can Help You

Yoga and meditation have many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. It can help you grow as a person, relieve anxiety and depression and give you inner confidence. It can lead you to living an overall healthier lifestyle.

Stress relief

Anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed or down, yoga and meditation make me feel at ease once again. It’s especially beneficial to practice yoga in the morning to get your day started off with the right mindset.  There’s something about stretching your muscles and focusing on your breath that make you feel in touch with yourself and the day ahead. Meditation is great right before bed to slow down the mind and get a good night’s sleep. Though, anytime you feel you need a pick-me-up, yoga and meditation are a solution.

Getting in touch with yourself

I have never felt more connected to my inner-self than when practicing yoga and meditation. It’s as if when I focus on my breath, move into position after position, or quiet my mind, I’m taking the much needed time to tend to myself. It is the ultimate self-love ritual you can do just about anywhere. Meditation can let you tap into your subconscious and better understand your true self, your dreams and your greatest desires in life.

Dealing with internal and external issues

There have been many times during both yoga and meditation I have broken out into tears, as if some internal strife had been released. Afterwards, feeling much lighter and at ease with myself and the world around me, I was able to appreciate my past troubles and let them go. It is one of the most beautiful and freeing feelings and that is why I recommend it to anyone dealing with grief. Through yoga and meditation your troubles will eventually reach the surface and you will be liberated.

Flexibility in body and mind

A lot of what you learn in yoga is both literal and figurative, such as flexibility. You’re taught to be patient with your body and to only move as far as you feel comfortable. You’re not to push yourself, but instead perform habitually to get further in your practice. As much as this pertains to the flexibility of the body, I also find it relevant to the mind. We must learn to take life as it is and appreciate where we are at the moment, and know that we will only go further if we keep at it.

Promoting a healthier lifestyle

After a few years of practice I realized the harmful effects of what I was eating, whether it was processed foods, pesticides or meat. They were all causing my day-to-day bodily issues. I was constantly bloated, foggy-headed and had some major digestion complications. Yoga and meditation teach you to be mindful of what you’re putting into your body and the effects they have on your wellbeing.  After a session of yoga it’s much more likely you’ll reach for wholesome and healthy meals that nourish your body.

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